Since 2005, Databilities has been accumulating the most accurate consumer data available. Databilities’ databases now contain billions of records that are constantly verified, updated and appended additional information. In addition to providing 3rd party data, Databilities also offers 1st party data services to ensure that your records are both accurate and current.

Data Services Include:

  • Lead Ordering – Order custom consumer lists in seconds through the Databilities Lead Ordering Tool. Target based on location, demographic data, and propensities such as shopping habits and hobbies. All data can be used with Databilities marketing or independently.
  • Re-seller solutions – Partner with Databilities to enhance your clients’ marketing. Re-seller pricing and packages designed to maximize profit.
  • Data Hygiene – Refresh your Current Data
  • Data Enhancement – Append demographic and psychographic information to your database
  • Email Appends – Append email addresses to your consumer database and expand your communication
  • Email Verification – Avoiding outdated or invalid email addresses.
  • Portrait Reports – Gain greater insight into the demographics and psychographics of your customer database

Order custom lists based on qualifiers you choose. Target based on propensities, shopping habits, demographic information, and more. <br> Click below to to be taken to the Lead Ordering Tool at to get started.


Learn how Databilities can give you an edge with comprehensive Data Services.

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