Connect the Right People with Your Ad

Tuesday, September 6th

Are You Reaching the Right People?

Tom might be one of them. This week he’s visiting a lot of travel websites. He’s comparing prices on cruise and resort packages in tropical locations.  It’s a sure bet that Tom is planning a getaway.

Let’s say you’re a marketing agency running a digital campaign for a Caribbean cruise. Tom would definitely be interested in your offer, but he’s not on your target list.

Not a Problem…

Our Adabilities℠ marketing platform uses Contextual Targeting to actively search for anyone who shows interest in the type of products and services you are marketing.  Adabilities℠ sees that Tom is shopping for a tropical vacation package, and delivers him your cruise offer.  Tom clicks on your ad and exclaims “This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”

That’s just one more way Databilities connects the Right Person to the Right Message at the Right Time.

Adabilities℠ marketing platform gives you the control and flexibility to Target Effectively:

  • Identify the audience actively shopping for the products and services you are marketing
  • Engage prospects with relevant, customized messages
  • Deliver your messages with the necessary frequency to meet your online audience’s dynamic wants and needs