Latest Production Trends in Digital Media and Email Marketing

Monday, July 25th, 2016

How are digital marketers making their electronic media a more cost-effective means to advertise their products and services? It’s all about valid data, correct and updated records, immediate results, and- believe it or not- suppression techniques that exclude customers not appropriate for your target lists.

Moving into the Era of a Healthier Media Ecosystem

A) Valid Data – Measuring Media Advertising Efficiency

New filtering solutions are looking to prevent invalid traffic from fraudulent bots and crawlers. These illegitimate visits have blurred the line between real human visitors and ad fraud. In the recent past, these system invaders have cost media providers an overwhelming $8.2 billion per year with their phony traffic.

Beginning in 2006, organizations like the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) researched and presented options for building more accountability and transparency between publishers, marketers, media agencies, technology vendors, and a host of other industry thought leaders to provide a lasting solution for integrity in the global media industry.

To continue promoting this effort, the “Invalid Traffic Detection and Filtration Guidelines Addendum” was introduced, pushing the matter beyond voluntary compliance and into enforcement. It was acknowledged by nearly every major media industry organization, including the Media Rating Council (MRC), Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). These guidelines are now in full force, helping to detect and track invalid traffic using new controls.

In addition, there is an active Technical Subcommittee that regulates and investigates suspected applications of invalid traffic processes. Esteemed members of this subcommittee include media industry forerunners like Moat, Deloitte, Double Verify, Google, Integral Ad Service, Rocket Fuel, White Ops, and Yahoo.

High-integrity digital services took the lead in April 2016 with the hope of moving towards a cleaner digital advertising environment. These efforts are squeezing out “bad actors” that previously have been corrupting media efficiency efforts in the digital advertising supply chain.

B) Immediate Results: Corrected & Updated Records

 Marketers are finding their best results through partnerships with data services that implement efficiency controls, correcting and updating records right within their process. Databilities excels at generating and maintaining a clean, relevant marketing list to suit your needs, allowing you to reach your customers across multiple platforms. Take a minute and watch this video for a snapshot of how you could improve your marketing efforts.

As seen in the video, you can combine your data to your partner’s data and effectively engage that enhanced target audience through multimedia channels including mobile, email, social, and display. The platform directs identified targets to your clients’ websites and retail centers.

Using relevant metrics, your target audiences’ purchasing behaviors and activities are tracked, offering you quantifiable results by which you can observe the success of your marketing efforts. By adding your websites’ visitors to remarketing lists, you’ll be able to build a reliable customer base and generate consistent revenue for your clients.

C) Email Marketing Strategies: Using Suppression Techniques

All data is not created equally. Some records are simply not useful or applicable to your business. It may even be preferable to intentionally suppress these records from your marketing activities, in order to improve the focus and precision of your lists.

Segmentation techniques can be applied in order to determine the characteristics of your ideal customer. However, they can also be applied in order to paint a picture of the type of individual you would like to suppress from your campaigns. A number of specific characteristics can be pinpointed for inclusion or exclusion, such as:

  • Pre-Movers
  • New Movers
  • Newly Engaged
  • Just Married
  • Newly Divorced
  • New Pregnancies
  • Just Born
  • Education Level

By applying these suppression techniques, you gain greater control of exactly who will receive communications from you and improve the response rate of what you send. You gain the ability to remove non-interested, irrelevant, and even financially incompatible targets from your audience, ensuring that you narrow in on your ideal customers with every exclusion.